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Ethical finance options for your Muslim clients

Welcome to StrideUp. We are a Shariah-compliant home finance provider with specialist criteria and flexible underwriting, offering Muslims a way to buy or refinance their home whilst aligning with their faith.

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Why StrideUp?



We are Shariah-compliant, certified by Amanah Advisers giving your customers piece of mind that our products align with their faith.


Flexible underwriting

We get to know each customer by understanding their situation and working with you to find a solution, not basing decisions off a credit score.


Easy submission process

If you have HPP permissions you can advise the client directly, but if not, we'll advise internally while you continue to maintain the client relationship.

Finova has partnered with StrideUp as we see the benefits of their range working well with our Broker's requirements. StrideUp will maximise customers' incomes to not only get on the property ladder but also enhance their level of borrowing.
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Real world underwriting

Our underwriters take the time to understand your clients' situation, looking at the whole picture, rather than just relying on a credit score decision.

Muslim buyer wanting halal finance

After 16 years of flat sharing and renting around London, Zara was determined to get on the property ladder. But being from a Muslim background, her options were limited as most lenders don't have halal products. StrideUp’s range is certified Shariah-compliant, finally giving her an ethical option. Read her story.

IT professional switching to contracting

Zain has worked for the past 6 years for a large multi-national procurement supplier as an IT Manager. To be closer to family, he needs to move house and take up a contracting role. Given his experience in the industry, StrideUp will accept this with just 3 months contracting history.

Foreign nationals on Tier 2 Visa

Omar is a Turkish national on a Tier 2 visa earning £45k. His wife Salma is working part-time on £22k a year and they’re looking to buy their first home. Omar has 18 months left on his visa, and then will apply for Indefinite Leave. High street lenders require at least a 25% deposit, but with StrideUp they could buy their ideal home with a 10% deposit.

Self employed

Alison recently decided to follow her dreams of setting up her own boutique florist. She’s been self-employed for 18 months while her partner Steve earns a salary of £10k a year. They want to buy an East Midlands home for £350k but have been struggling to secure a traditional mortgage that meets their needs.

Young couple supported by family

Yousef and Sara have been renting in Leicester for the past 3 years as they try and save up for a deposit. However they need support from family to get them on the property ladder.  Whilst most providers will accept gifted deposits from parents, but with StrideUp they can also get support from extended family, giving them the boost they need.


Learn how StrideUp can help you

Service levels

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2 Hours

Day 1 underwrite

Within 24 Hours

Application to offer

Within 9 Days

Positive messaging experience

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StrideUp does things differently


Foreign nationals

We accept foreign nationals living in the UK up to 90% FTV, with just 1 year remaining on their visa.


Second job

100% of second job income with 6 months' history.


Flexible deposit sources

100% of deposit can come from gifts. Eligible donors include family (close and extended) and friends.


Self employed

One year's trading history considered and latest year's profit used in affordability.


Up to 4 applicants

Up to four applicants can be on the application, and all incomes considered for affordability.

We're your financing partner where mainstream falls short

Don't just take our word for it

Dedicated support

With StrideUp you get a dedicated team who will take the time to understand what’s right for you and your clients. We’re contactable through online chat, phone and email and have a 1 day initial review of applications.

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